Dear Friends,
From time to time all of us are faced with challenging life questions and not always know where to look for answers or get the right support. If you are not satisfied with any area of your life, and want to make a change - you have come to the right place. We, at Jacobs and Associates, are here to support, suggest, guide and encourage, making sure that you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Welcome!


For YOU and For Your Relationship

To the best Coach! Thank you for all of your insight and wonderful words of wisdom. It is not by accident that we met, it is a blessing.

    Beth from Philadelphia.

Dear Rachel,
I have a very serious question to ask...I must've done something good to be able to work with you, right?

I really want to thank you again for everything you are taught me. Because of you, I feel like so many options have materialized for me. It's like I had a passionate, yet very vague idea of what I want to do, and even how I want to present myself, and how I feel most comfortable.. and you showed me so many realistic ways to achieve that. I'm really happy and lucky to have you as my coach and to know you.

    Elena from San Francisco.

Dear Rachel,
I cannot begin to thank you for the incredible amount of wisdom you have given me over this year. I feel inspired, motivated and with a lot of tools to successfully continue my career. I am very excited about the new beginning...

    Sharon from Redwood City

Before I met Rachel, I had been seeing a therapist for many years and felt stuck in achieving what I really wanted out of life.
In a relatively short period of time Rachel provided me with important feedback and the tools to achieve my personal goals.
Rachel is an amazing life coach who helped me tremendously.

    Daisy from Daily City

Rachel's insightful understanding of people's behavior, origins of my upbringing and my personality combined with her unique teaching ability is helping me to live a happier and healthier life. Her guidance, support and encouragement are helping me to make better and wiser decisions in my personal and professional life.

    Susan from New York

I have worked with relationship coaches before, but none had Rachel's warmth, energy and dedication to her clients. I would strongly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a top-notch coach.

    Josh from Palo Alto 

For Teenagers

Dear Rachel,
You are an outstanding mentor. We are sure you have touched our son's life in more ways than you know, and all of us are grateful for you and your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom, talent, and expertise with the rest of us. You are a real class act!

    Brodsky family from San Jose

Dear Rachel,
Thank you very much for what you have done for our daughter and continue doing for all of us. God bless you!

    Diana and Alex from Cupertino 

Live Seminars

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for an outstanding workshop on the psychology of fundraising. As always, it was wonderful to see you in action. You displayed great mastery in connecting with the audience and keeping it engaged, as well as providing the participants with great innovative ideas and tools to raise so much needed funds.

    Sharon, Director of "Puente".

Dear Rachel,
At my table, we all agreed on a few things:
You, personally have a magic touch with organizing seminars. It's a foolproof formula--identifying the topic (relationship) which attracts the audience; providing answers to their burning questions and inventive techniques to create loving and fulfilling relationships.
Everything went so smoothly because of your careful attention to detail. Thank you.

    Eleanor from San Francisco, "You Could Have A Perfect Relationship,
    If You Only Knew How" seminar organizer.

Dear Rachel,
This was a very fun and informative session, full of witty insights and practical advice. I hope we can have many more.

    Michele, from San Jose

Dear Rachel,
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for the excellent seminar on " How to Attract New Clients and Sustain Them" that you have given to our business group. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to help people and businesses succeed are inspirational.

On behalf of the Round Table organization, thank you very much.

    Shoshanna Engelman, President

For Your Business

Dear Rachel,
Thank you very much for all the tools and strategies you gave us to make The Women's Clinic of San Francisco even more successful and profitable. Working with you was exciting, enlightening and always enjoyable.

    Clara Shayevich, Women's Clinic owner. 


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