Dear Friends,
From time to time all of us are faced with challenging life questions and not always know where to look for answers or get the right support. If you are not satisfied with any area of your life, and want to make a change - you have come to the right place. We, at Jacobs and Associates, are here to support, suggest, guide and encourage, making sure that you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Welcome!

Find out what career is best for YOU
Achieve your career goals FAST
Overcome the blocks that inhibit your success
Identify and enhance personal strengths and talents
Create the most effective resume and cover letter
Maximize your interview performance
Learn how to look your best
and much more...

Attract the right person for YOU
Understand male and female dating psychology
Achieve effective communication
Create a lasting relationship/marriage
Learn to say Good-bye and find love again
Secrets of finding love on line
and much more...

Learn effective marketing strategies
Attract and retain affluent clients
Lead, manage and motivate your employees
Utilize tactics and techniques to increase revenue
Become a successful negotiator
Understand YOUR consumers’ mindset
and much more...

Learn to lead with emotional intelligence
Achieve strong internal self confidence
Increase stress resilience
Enhance your strengths and abilities
Become the power presenter/communicator
Learn the five practices of exemplary leadership
and much more...

You Could Have the Relationship You've Always Wanted, if You Only Knew How.
The Art and Science of Being the Other: the Secrets of Effective Communication.
How to Attract New Clients, Sustain the Old and Deal with the Difficult Ones.
Stress: Avoid, Reduce, and Get Rid of
The Practices and Commitments of Exemplary Leadership
where and when


To the best Coach!
Thank you for changing my life.
Everyone I know should have a Rachel in their lives.

    Beth from Philadelphia.

I have worked with life coaches before, but none had Rachel’s knowledge, energy and dedication to her clients. I would strongly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a top-notch coach.

    Josh from Palo Alto.


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